Do I Have A Alcohol Problem? Good Question!

Listen my friends. Everyone is not an alcoholic or an addict. We, that identify with the self-diagnosis of being an alcoholic or an addict is just that. We believe that due to our alcoholism or addiction, that life can never be manageable for us. Once again, it is a self-diagnosis. No one can determine this status but you. If you have ever asked anyone or even yourself, “do I have a drinking problem?”, then it might be worth exploring.

How to know you have a drinking problem can be a complex question for many but as easy to answer if the question is answered in complete brutal honesty…by yourself. Those of us in recovery or those of us who have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind could not exclude this criteria necessary for freedom. We had to be brutally honest with ourselves.

How To Know If You Have A Drinking Problem…Yet!

On the other hand, there are those people who may drink, or occasionally use, in moderation or even heavily. But they still seem to have it together. At least externally it appears, or on the outside if you will. They haven’t quite lost the house…they haven’t lost their marriage…they haven’t lost that good job…they still have a relationship with the children…their friends still speak to them…and they have not exhausted their bank accounts. I, myself, was NOT one of those persons, because I lost everything, including my freedom by way of state penitentiary. But to those of you who do identify with the ‘moderation or heavy’ opposed to the ‘alcoholic’ you that this does resonate with, please understand that these are just “YET’S”. You haven’t lost the house yet, you haven’t lost your marriage yet, you haven’t lost the job or the bank accounts or the relationships with family and friends…yet. Just a simple ‘yet’ that has not happened…yet.

Surrender Or You’ll Be Arrested! You Choose!

Some of us even talk that trash that we can quit when we want to or even worse, after a taste of recovery we get the notion that we can go back out there and have one last relapse, come back safely into the recovery community and just pick up where we left off. We tell ourselves that we need one more run before we can fully surrender to this program, even after getting clean. The problem with this belief is that it assumes that we are guaranteed a safe, successful run with a safe successful return; it will be easy for us to come back.

None of us can predict what will happen to us when we are out there drinking or using, rather you are an alcoholic or just a heavy drinker on the weekend. You just simply do not know what is around the corner for you. We can’t guarantee our own behavior, much less what the people around us might do.

When we are loaded, we do things that endanger our lives and the lives of others. Being under the influence of anything mind altering exposes us to all kinds of tragedies; diseases, crime that can land us in jail, possibly for the rest of our lives, strained relationships and adverse living conditions such as homelessness. Then there is the worst case scenario: we succumb to our addiction. Every relapse certainly has that potential and so does every drink or drug that you didn’t want to take, but did anyway.

This is a cruel and heartless disease; its only guarantee is that it will make our lives worse. Recovery, on the other hand, guarantees to make our lives better if we apply the principles and work it. In doing this, we are choosing a life to live, opposed to an existence, and a lifestyle that ensures us ‘freedom’ instead of ‘bondage’.

The Installment Plan Paid In Full!

My point, my friends, is that you may be going through something right now and, for whatever reason, the drink or drug may be the only comfort you find feasible, so you accept the installment plan of bondage and misery and after a period of time, that installment plan has been paid if full by your ongoing efforts. You owe no more payments for your bondage and misery because it’s been paid in full. The only thing left now is to enjoy it or return it.

But when the party has stopped, and all those friends are gone and the crowd is too; you are alone with your thoughts and they are loud as ever! The only thing you are left with is an empty shell and the wanting to do better but not knowing how; so once again, you resign.

Conclusion: The Truth Shall Set You Free

The only way out of this resignation is to start being honest with yourself. Believe me when I tell you that this is the only way that the lie will change. It is with the truth. This is the first step; the truth. Becoming brutally honest with yourself is difficult, but it is the first step.

If you can do that, you can begin to get better and it doesn’t matter rather you are a moderate, heavy or otherwise drinking addictively or using drugs alcoholically. If you continue to buy the lie, instead of realizing and facing the truth, then you intuitively know what results lie ahead: “If don’t nothing change, then don’t nothing change!”

The truth will always set us free, we just have to face it with courage. You don’t have to be special to have courage my friends. We all have it because it’s fundamental to us. Rather we choose to exercise it or not, is another question entirely.

The only thing that separates a coward from being courageous is courage. Being courageous is having courage to move forward even when you are full of fear and scared to do so. That’s what sets the coward and the courageous apart.

Choose to be courageous for your own life today even if it gets scary and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are in need of encouragement at anytime!

Please feel free to be honest and share your life experience if it has been a battle for you or, even if it has not been so hard for you to recover. Your testimony may reach someone here.

Don’t forget to leave your comments or questions? for us and we’ll see you soon!


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4 thoughts on “Do I Have A Alcohol Problem? Good Question!

  • June 29, 2021 at 5:50 am

    Honesty is the best decision in everything you do in life. Only you know if you are drinking too much. Only you know you change as a person after drinking. Thus, take the responsibility decision and get help. It is not easy at start, but being honest and asking for help, you will overcome the drinking addiction.

    • June 29, 2021 at 8:06 pm

      So true Bernard. You have to be honest with yourself to get through this. You don’t even have to want to do it, but you do have to be honest with yourself to determine what you need to begin with. The lie will tell you that you don’t need help. And recovering is not for the people who want it or need it anyway…it’s for the people that DO IT! Because you can ‘want and need’ without doing anything about it. Thanks for your comments my friend.

  • June 29, 2021 at 10:01 pm

    So sorry to read that you lost so much through alcohol.  I’ve seen first hand what it can do to a person, how they can act and the damage it can do to the family.  It is a big problem for so many, but we have to remember that it is an addiction like any other.  Thank you for sharing this Timo it’s certainly an eye opener.

    • June 29, 2021 at 11:03 pm

      Thanks Andrew. Appreciate the comments. As a Alcohol & Drug Counselor (now) I have not only seen it, but I have lived it. Although it has been 13 years that I have been clean, I still used longer than I’ve been clean. My hopes is to reach the online community who needs reaching. I had problems with alcohol back when I was in the Marine Corp. My problems actually started there back in early ’80”. But my addiction took me to heroin, and that’s where it left me. I got clean from heroin. But as I say to all who suffer, it does not matter what the addiction is. You can use alcohol addictively, and you can use drugs alcoholically. Really doesn’t matter. Lives unmanageable at this point. Thanks again buddy. Wish you the best!


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