About Timo Therapy

A Little Timo… A Little Therapy

If you haven’t figured it out yet Timo would be myself.  My name is actually Timothy but my friends and family have called me “Timo” since I was a young buck. It is pronounced T-Mo…like T-Mobile without the “bull”.

So with that said, timotherapy rhymes with chemotherapy, we both seek remission and recovery for specific cancer(s) and we both understand that recovering & recovery is an ongoing process dependent upon our daily maintenance if we are, or have been, affected by the disease.

It is important to understand that I come from a background that is considered “two-fold” in this arena and this is what I will be bringing to the table.

On one platform I am a certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor. I graduated from Los Angeles City College with my Certification in Human Services: Alcohol & Drug Counseling and also registered with credentialing agency CAADE (California Association for Alcohol and Drug Educators). I have been on this platform for the past 7 years.

On the second platform I am a recovering heroin addict who spent over 20 years in active addiction. To add insult to injury, I subsequently spend close to 22 years in prison for armed robbery as a direct result of my addiction. With addiction comes a criminal lifestyle for many and I was definitely one of the “many” community.

To share my whole story (and I am willing) would take very, very, very……long. What is the most important element about “who I am today” is simply this….I had to be who I was, and go where I went, and do what I did…to make me WHO I AM today.

I had to have that experience, I had to have made those awful decisions and accept the consequences for those awful decisions…to become who I was always meant to become.

Some might say a day late, and a dollar short. I believe I arrived right on time!

How Can I Help With Your Recovery?

This is the $1,000,000 question. And I will do my best to transmit this as clear as possible. If you have a professional who has been educated in addiction but has had no history with addiction, then the barrier of lacking “street experience” exists.

This doesn’t mean that a person with no drug use or alcohol abuse (today known as substance use disorder) is rendered useless for helping someone with their use disorder.

It does mean that there will always be a barrier of actually “being able to have walked in their shoes” and understand the full plight of the alcoholic or drug addict from their personal perspective.

I believe that a psychological and scientific scholastic approach alone with no “street knowledge” or experience presents a barrier of trying to transmit what you do not have.

In this process I have witnessed many interventions that would have otherwise been successful. I believe the education that I have received, both “extensive street and sufficient schooling” will allow me to reach a larger population online and ultimately make a difference in saving lives with long term recovery & sobriety.

Timo Therapy’s Mission, Purpose & Goal

There is an old saying that “it takes a village to raise a child” meaning not just the parents but other relevant individuals such as teachers, doctors, employers, coaches, pastors etc; it takes a village to impart in a productive life is the bottom line.

The road to recovery is a journey not meant to be traveled alone. In my own addiction I realize that I have traveled down many, countless, endless roads that have led to nowhere.

For the past 13 years I have maintained my sobriety and stayed on a narrow path that has kept me much longer than I ever expected.

My mission is to reach, my purpose is to educate and my goal is to transmit what I have that has allowed me to be set free from ALL those roads that have led to nowhere.

I come to find that “when you don’t know where you are going…any road will do.”

And if you are reading this, you are on the right road now.

We are here to help you on your journey to recover and should you ever have ANY questions or concern about your recovery, you can direct your concerns directly to me at timo@timotherapy.com or for questions in general at info@timotherapy.com

Blessings and Much Love,

Founder of TimoTherapy.com


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